I Painting Apples – Or Apples that Last Longer

As a reaction to the news of release of new Apple watch Serbian painter Darko Topalski has painted three still lives named „ I Painting – Apples “, described as “sport”, “standard” and “edition”, or in acrylics, oils, and oils with gold leaves. „When I heard the news, that Apple sold 950000 of Apple watches, for first 6 hours, I’ve decided to paint these still lives with bitten apples, and to offer them on eBay at symbolic prices of 149, 199 and 249US$, and to call them “I Painting – Apples”. All three…continue reading →

eBay… FINALLY!!! user: art-is-t

PROMO PRICES for Original paintings by D.Topalski at eBay Auctions   I've finally managed everything and my eBay account is operational. What was the main problem? Here in Serbia we hasn't been able to receive PayPal payments, and buyers insisted to pay only via PayPal, because of protection. So... Welcome to my eBay store where you’ll find great studio bargains and seasonal surprises. My eBay username is art-is-t Painting is what I like the most and it's a part of my everyday life. I saw a wonderful potential of the internet and in 2003…continue reading →

Portrait of Serbian scientist Michael Idvorski Pupin

Portrait of our scientist Michael Idvorski Pupin, with a composition of a New York city in the background, I've managed to finish it in a record time, within a few days. It was a commissioned painting for a well known Belgrade gallerist, and Aleksandar Vlajkovic, the deputy director of the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region received it as a prize. My situation with this painting have reminded me of a text about Harriet Quimby, her historic flight and a Titanic. Mr. Vlajkovic received a prize on May…continue reading →

At the academy

As I already mentioned at my bio and page about the artist, last year (2013 )I’ve won. Grant at the Academy of Classical Painting (AKS, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia). Most of the time there at the moment, we are drawing charcoals on paper, mostly large scale formats (up to 2x1.5m). What is the difference being self educated or at the academy?

I’m Still Here… in this Wheel…

I was painting a lot and selling locally, cheap, and didn’t have enough time to upload each and every painting here, or to say something. Economical crisis here is deep, without ending on sight regarding me, there is a constant race to paint more, pay bills, paint even more cheap paintings that would be sold… There was a problem, to continue this rat race, and to burn slowly or to make some changes and if I’m going to burn out, let’s start a proper fire. So here it is, or will be soon……continue reading →

eBay limited – … or a “Satisfaction” with an eBay survey

After 23 minutes of long long distance call (Europe to USA) they sent me a survey... eBay: How likely is it that you will recommend eBay to a friend or colleague? (I gave them 3... maybe I would sell something there some day) eBay: Please tell us why you feel that way about your likelihood to recommend. "I'm so sorry, at the moment I can not recommend eBay to any of my friends! It's too secure... Secured with a PayPal, secured with a technical issues, or secured with or without mail address,chat option,...…continue reading →

QVO VADIS When You Can’t have Pay Pal?

“Hello Visitor, here is message for you from the outer space…” I’m not there, I’m still here in Serbia… a country at the Europe continent, but not in the EU,… still seems to be like a Neverland, a country that is somewhere here, no one knows where… I was so excited when I’ve finally managed to setup my eBay account, and after I’ve realized that I can’t have PayPal (Serbia is still not at the sign up list), I’ve opened eBay supported payment options. “Skrill” (formerly MoneyBookers) is one of eBay’s recommended options,…continue reading →

The time is NOW!

At the beginning I'd like to thank my family for the support, and also some buyers... Buyers from Belgrade, Milan Brkljach, Teodora and Sale Vasiljevich, Danica Danichica Smiljanich and from Nish, Aleksandar Rakich. Thank you all for your nice words, support and passion for arts. Without you I wouldn’t do what I’m planning next! ... and here's something for You :D Also a big THANK YOU to each and every other buyer! Last year I sold more than 80 artworks. Most of them were, in fact, working practice and experiments with brushes, composition,…continue reading →

dt. Plans and Future development

At the moment I'm working on several art and non-art related projects. Besides wonderful new oil paintings, I have plans to develop several non-art related, someone would say "profitable niches". The best way to crate art is when you are free... In modern world, when you have family, it means when you don't have to worry about bills, loans,... or how to pay for basics. Since I'm still self represented artist, I've decided to take a closer look at some online possibilities (not to devote myself completely or surrender to  my paintings). After some research…continue reading →

Welcome to the Complete new-fine art Website

As you can already guess, I'm fine artist, painter Darko Topalski. 2002. Fine Artist Website Nine years ago, I decided to make my first website and to expose my artworks to a wider audience, to the World. Everyone is online; why wouldn't I, as an artist, tried to sell my artworks online... That was just the beginning. I made a small website, under free domain and free micro hosting at my internet provider. Gradually, I realized, it hadn't been enough. Several months later I've started collecting materials, texts and photos of my artworks,…continue reading →