I was painting a lot and selling locally, cheap, and didn’t have enough time to upload each and every painting here, or to say something. Economical crisis here is deep, without ending on sight regarding me, there is a constant race to paint more, pay bills, paint even more cheap paintings that would be sold… There was a problem, to continue this rat race, and to burn slowly or to make some changes and if I’m going to burn out, let’s start a proper fire. So here it is, or will be soon… Still painting a lot, less in quantity, more in quality and decided to finish each and every painting in progress soon.
I’m still here in this wheel of fortune, and if Fortuna blesses me with just a bit of luck it would be a nice wind in my sails. Am I at the beginning of a new dawn or it’s just a ray of light on an evening sky?

Written by Darko Topalski

Topalski Darko is an award-winning painter, full-time professional artist, photographer, designer,... His work is widely collected both nationally and internationally and may be found in numerous private and corporate collections