Happy Tree – Oil Painting
A Tree – Oil Painting
Landscape – Oil Painting
Water Mill – Oil Painting
Green Rhapsody – Oil Painting
Landscape – Oil Painting
The time is NOW!

The time is NOW!

At the beginning I'd like to thank my family for the support, and also some buyers... Buyers from Belgrade, Milan Brkljach, Teodora and Sale Vasiljevich, Danica Danichica Smiljanich and from Nish, Aleksandar Rakich. Thank you all for your nice words, support and passion for arts. Without you I wouldn’t do what I’m planning next! ... and here's something for You :D Also a big THANK YOU to each and every other buyer! Last year I sold more than 80 artworks. Most of them were, in fact, working practice and experiments with brushes, composition,…Read more
Nikola Tesla – Sepia Portrait – Oil Painting
Dragoljub “Draža” Mihailovic – Oil Painting
Birch Trees – Oil Painting
Snowy Farm House
Mountain Winter Landscape – Oil Painting
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