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“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” (William Blake)

In some moment of my life I’ve asked myself what would I do if I would have whatever amount of money? The answer was and is: I would paint!

This my personal art website I’ve created in feb. 2004… or translated it is older that YouTube, Facebook, Insagram, Twitter…

About the Artist Topalski

Topalski Darko is an Academic, award-winning painter, full-time professional artist. His work is collected internationally and may be found in numerous private and corporate collections  all around the world, from USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Mexico, Serbia, Montenegro,…

Commissioned Paintings

I do commissioned artworks! The deadline depends on technique and particular painting, just mail me your request! Anything you’ve seen, wished or dreamed of… I’ll find out the way to provide you with the high quality and affordable artwork…

Certificate of Authenticity with each artwork

100% Hand Painted Art, Originals paintings only at Topalski.com

Passion for Art

I have a real passion for paint which is clearly illustrated in my work. I like to mix colours, to create something out from nothing, and to paint better than I did before. If I think I’m good enough I take a closer look to the old masters paintings. I’m working mostly in oils, being in a constant quest for further development of my painting and drawing skills, and it is the only way to have a progress with your art.

Latest Paintings