Darko Topalski fine artist, painter

I do commission works, the deadline and price depends on technique, just mail me your request!

Anything you’ve seen, wished or dream of… I’ll find out the way to provide you with the high quality work, not just a reproduction…

If you have a favorite motif, photography or an idea for the painting that you would like to possess, you can order it to be done in oil, pastel or watercolors, the choice is Yours!

Just mail me what you wish and I will reply what I could. During the painting process I would document and provide you a photos of each stage!

At the end you will have a painting of any size you want! I will mail You photos of finished work before I ship painting!

Commissioned artworks on which I work represent not just a plain reproduction of an already existing art work or a photo, but the work with enforced buyer’s requests, as well as that special, personal touch of an artist making a reproduction.

All commissioned paintings are done with the high quality art materials available at the market, as well as the other my artworks.

One of the most interesting commission…

The board of the Apatin Brewery, at that moment member of the InBev (www.inbev.com) has decided to give the paintings with the motif of their old brewery’s building as presents to their soon-retiring workers. It is almost familiar story, but what was interesting was the fact that they needed two identical paintings, done with the motif of the old building painted by an unknown author.

Special Requests

I’ve got the motif in the form of a shadowy and blurry paper print, I’ve never seen the original painting, and it seemed that none from the brewery had ever seen the original, too. The only certain thing was that the paintings were to be done with the thick layers of paint. The final results were not hundred per cent original reproductions, since it can be hardly expected when working in impasto technique.

In any case, they were very satisfied with the paintings, and it is really very interesting to study the two of them together as contemplating then turns into spot-the-difference game!

I’ve managed to finish them by deadline, with the greatest difference being the signature, one is yellow, the other is green. The paintings are made in oil-on-canvas technique, 50×70 size, and thanks to knowing the technique itself and usage of medium, I was able to finish them in 2 weeks time.

I accepted the order because the work on two “identical” paintings presented the challenge and the great test for my artistic abilities and achievements…