An Old Farm – Oil Painting
River Una – Oil Painting
Novak Djokovic – Nole Crossing the Alps
FINISHED-Oil Painting “Novak Djokovic on Alps”

FINISHED-Oil Painting “Novak Djokovic on Alps”

Roland Garros French Open, a major (grand slam) tennis tournament... Novak Djokovic, Serbian, NO1 tennis player and from "the greatest" white sport tournaments misses only Roland Garros. Knowing that I've decided to paint Novak Djokovic in a combination with a painting by a great French old master Jacques Louis David "Napoleon on Alps" (with some modifications of Malmaison version) Size: 120x100cm (47.2"x39.4") Oil on Stretched Canvas Before we star with a descriptions... idea to finish painting was "simple" (Drawing, Burnt umber, Umber 2, Nole in neutral layer, color layer/layers)... Or to combine approaches…Read more
Wild Horses – Oil Painting
Country road with Trees – Oil Painting
Twilight – Oil Painting
Pink Landscape Flowers – Oil Painting
Purple Forest – Oil Painting
Hills – Oil Painting
Flowers in a Vase – Oil Painting
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