Tamara – Commissioned Portrait Oil painting
Saint George and the Dragon – Religious Oil Painting

Saint George and the Dragon – Religious Oil Painting

Oil Painting on Canvas by artist Darko Topalski Name: Saint George and the Dragon Medium: Oil Support: Canvas Size: ±32x24in (80x60cm) Year: 2017 Signed: Yes Available: NO! (Acquired by art collector from USA) It is always one step more, one stair (to Heaven :) ... From time to time I am showing how much and what I can do to myself and the others. It was a rewarding experience and more than 100 hours of painting :)  Read more
Down by the River – Landscape Oil painting
Couple at the Spanish Square in Seville – Commissioned Figurative oil painting
Horses in a Poppy field – Landscape Animals Oil painting
Rembrandt after Rembrandt – Figurative Portrait Oil painting
A Lake – Landscape Oil painting
Horseshoe and Onion – Still Life Oil painting
Mountain Hillside – Landscape Oil Painting
L’Agent – Oil Painting
Healthy Recipe – Lemon and Garlic – Oil Painting
Un Cafe – Oil Painting