Oil Painting on Canvas
by artist Darko Topalski

Fine Art - Black Rock - Original Fantastic Symbolic Surreal Oil Painting on Canvas by artist Darko Topalski

Name: Black Rock

Medium: Oil
Support: Canvas
Size: ±32x24in (80X60cm)
Size framed: ±36x28in (91X70cm)
Year: 2023
Signed: Yes
Available: Yes

I had the idea for the painting, after some podcast about multinational investment company BlackRock. As a contrast to the BlackRock monolith and monkeys from “2001: A Space odyssey” I have painted “Christ in the Desert” by Russian artist Ivan Kramskoi. Kramskoi wanted to show a moment of moral choice in Jesus’ life, for me this is one of the most desperate Jesus and he was perfect to be alone and at the opposite side of everyone else, bunch of hypnotized monkeys. They are under spell by the BlackRock and the monkey with a magic lamp in the back (he could represent shadow government)…

You are free to add the rest of the story 🙂

This painting was exhibited at the ESNAF society annual exhibition 2023. at Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia