The Country – Oil Painting
Fall Afternoon – Oil Painting
Meadows and Brooks – Oil Painting
Zlatibor – Oil Painting
A Tree – Oil Painting
No matter what they say
Path through the fields – Oil Painting
Farm in a Field – Oil Painting
Farm House on the Hill – Oil Painting
dt. Plans and Future development

dt. Plans and Future development

At the moment I'm working on several art and non-art related projects. Besides wonderful new oil paintings, I have plans to develop several non-art related, someone would say "profitable niches". The best way to crate art is when you are free... In modern world, when you have family, it means when you don't have to worry about bills, loans,... or how to pay for basics. Since I'm still self represented artist, I've decided to take a closer look at some online possibilities (not to devote myself completely or surrender to  my paintings). After some research…Read more